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Dear Viewer: Welcome to JetXtreme's temporary site ! This site is temporary because our new website is being designed now.We hope this will cause no inconvience and trouble.Please visit again.Thank you. Team JetXtreme

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Team JetX Autumn Festival | 16th November.02
To all ZOners and Jet members,the Team JetX Autumn Festival is a seasonal tournament where all Roof Wars,Audi TT/Aston DB7 CnR players meet together and have a tournament.This fall,Jet_GrayMatter_ and I will find an exact date for this festival.Further notice will be posted.
Posted By:Jet_Leader1 & Jet_GrayMatter_

New Members| 16th November.02
2 days ago,Jet_Phantom,Jet_TheRock and Jet_darkdragon joined Jet team.They will be in the Roof Wars section.Please give them a warm welcome ! Welcome to the team,Jet_Phantom,Jet_TheRock & Jet_darkdragon !!!
Posted By:Jet_Leader1
The Join Now Page | 16th November.02
To all visitors and members,the Join Now form isn't working properly,soon I'll have that fixed.If you want to submit the form,you can type it all in an e-mail and send it to Team JetX Tryouts Department and we'll response to you in 96 hours-120 hours.Thanks !
Posted By:Jet_Leader1
New Temporary Site | 9th November.02
Welcome to Team JetXtreme's new temporary site.I am going to have the official site done soon,but I hope this can help a bit.Although there aren't a lot of special features or designs to it.All that will go on the official site.If you want to send any suggestions or if you know HTML and you want to help,please send an e-mail to : Team JetXtreme.Thanks again !
Posted By:Jet_Leader1
New members | 9th November.02
For JetXtreme team,we need more skilled Roof Wars,Audi TT CnR and Aston DB7 CnR members.Tryouts can be held quickly.If you would be kind enough to fill out the form (Click Join Now on the right linkbar) you can give us your main details and we can get back to you 96 hours to 120 hours guranteed. Or if you can catch one of the Tryout Techs and ask them for an appointment to tryout as that would be fine too. The last choice is you can e-mail Team JetXtreme and your subject will be trying out.
Posted By:Jet_Leader1

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